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It’s Over! Zach Preached for 53 Hours and 18 Minutes!

HE DID IT!  Pastor Zach Zehnder spoke for 53 hours and 18 minutes to surpass the World Record for the Longest Speech in the Guinness Book.   At 7:32AM on Sunday November 9, 2014, Zehnder broke the previous record of 48 hours and 31 minutes set by Vickrant Mahajan of India.  Zehnder shattered the record by continuing to speak until until 12:18PM.  This record-breaking moment took place […]

Our Presented By $25000 Sponsor!

I am pleased to announce our “Presented By” sponsor,! Honor family, friends, and loved ones you care about – today™. What is Honor Someone Now? Has someone touched your life in a special way, but you never got the chance to tell them just how much they meant to you — or just how much something […]


HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN? If found please return to theCross Mount Dora. His name is Zach Zehnder and on November 7th2014 he is going to attempt to change the world. For more details please go to     Follow this record-breaking attempt on twitter here and Facebook here.

Longest Speech Ever Outline!

How do you start preparing for a 50 hour sermon?  Nobody’s ever done it, but I started with an outline today of planning 50 sermons, each being an hour long.  I’m planning on talking for just over 30 minutes for each and have 30 minutes of Q & A for each one.  I’ll be spending […]